Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're packing our bags!

Well this will be The Tech Teen's final post on this site. I have moved to for now. If I dont like it Ill move back.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I got the Wii at last.

So well I got the Wii while I was gone. It a good counsel but Im still a 360 fanboy. I waited a WalMart for a hour but it was worth it. I like the channels but hopefully there will be more later on. I would like to review it soon but not now. Maybe after something happens with the blog. So I like to say there will be something new with the site.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Unboxing of The Treo 750

Well as I said here are the pictures of the unboxing of the 750. Its just a sideshow for now but hopefully I can get a video of the Treo 750.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Well if you saw the title I guess you know what happened. I got my Treo 750! And man its great! lot of people are wondering how I won. Well I didn't. See I know the Boy Genius. Him, I, and the Amazing Adolescent get together to play poker on Fridays. You know how some people can bend the thumbs back a little, well The Boy Genius can do this one thing where... well I shouldn't tell you cause if you saw someone do it , you know who the BG is and we cant have that. Sometimes Just Blaze comes to join us, man that guy has a amazing poker face!

So I did take pictures of the unboxing but something a matter with the camera so when it works I'll post them. It's such a great phone. It's just as tall as the iPod but a bit thicker. Well I'd talk more but the poker game starts a 9:o0.


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Boy Genius Puts The Tech In The Tech Teen

Well hello everyone. Great News! I just won The Boy Genius Giveaway. The prize was a vodafone branded and unlocked Palm Treo 750! This is a great moment for The Tech Teen blog and its crew. (Which is only me) So check out The Boy Genius's website for the latest in cell phone news and more. Also check my site later this week (hopefully it gets here soon) for pictures of the unboxing and hopefully a video. Thanks again Boy Genius.

Boy Genius Report

The post with the good news.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Tech Teen Is Back, CES is going, And New iPhone/iPod

Hey guys, if there's anyone reading this. The Tech Teen is now back online. But now I got a Xbox 360, iPod, and a camcorder. Now I may have said this before but I'm a Microsoft Fanboy but admit it the Zune needs work done. When its Zune Marketplace is better, more features, and MORE USERS ( Yeah the Zune users are having one big party by themselves) than I'll get a Zune. But now I MAY stay with the iPod. If any of you guys know a decent player that can play ACC (iTunes) and has a store like iTunes or if anybody likes their Zunes please tell me. I'll put your name in my next post and get a thank you from The Tech Teen.

Now back to why I may not stay with the Ipod. Apple realsed today about the Apple TV, iPhone and other things. What do you say "Tech Teen where is the wide screen ipod" Well Apple thought it would be nice to put the iPod wide screen that we dreamed about and put it on the iPhone. And now you say "Stop complaining and buy the iPhone" well this is what I say. The iPhone is nice but it has 4gb or 8gb (I want 30gb or more) its a phone (Have a good phone) its for Cingular (I have Nextel) and its $499 and $599. ( Do I need to say anything) So im gonna have an 2.5" screen on a media player while they have a 3.5" ( I may be wrong) on a phone. The one thing that Apple does right they are leaving out it the cold. Is this the death of Ipod or a new beginning? Comment on what you think.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Zune On Sale Early, And Already Having Problems

FLX over at FLX Tech has gotten his hands on a Zune already. No, Microsoft did not give it to him. He actually got it at Best Buy in Union City Landing. He put the CD Rom that came with the Zune and boot it up on his computer only to get an installation error. Many people ( Mainly Ipod fanboys, Apple fanboys and Microsoft haters.) would say "See, Microsoft can't make anything without an error. Well the Zune did not come out yet and Microsoft my not want people to use there Zunes until launch day. There are some other things I want to bring up.

1. Why does it have "Hello From Seattle" on the back.

2. What's up with the error picture?

3. Isn't Zuner a funny word?

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